Well it’s been one and a quarter years since I went to World Internet Summit in Sydney March 2006.

This weekend I’m at the Internet Mastery Secrets Conference in Brisbane (my home town).

I got a lot out of World Internet Summit, and I met some great people, that through my video roundup of the event have remembered me when I met them again at this event.

I am also getting a heap of gold nuggets out of Internet Mastery Secrets.

This is because I have 2 software products I currently market online now.

Script Smart – my automated (you don’t need to be a programmer) website script generator toolbox for making your sales letter promotions more profitable simply by using offline techniques that have been in use for 50+ years, brought online.


Affiliate Page Pro – my automated (don’t need a programmer) affiliate tools page generator for online product owners that don’t own membership software like Butterfly Marketing and want to boost their profits by providing their affiliates all the necessary promotional tools, and also get them onto your email list to keep in contact with them.

I am going to go over all my notes and there is going to be a heap of changes to both my products and my hosting business.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m going to roll out, and it’s very exciting, since I’m taking what I’ve done to the next level. But I would never be able to do this, if I didn’t put the action in place after I left the World Internet Summit.

I plan on attending at least 1 conference every year to keep me motivated and pick up more tips, it’s truly an amazing feeling.