Who is Aaron Dwyer?

In short I’m an online entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia.

I currently own Netrospect a progressive Business Web Hosting company delivering services directed at helping Australian Small Businesses succeed online. Web marketing, SEO, Web design and Web Hosting.

Also great software is my passion. Software that actually works and is easy to use and understand for the end user. Web Smart Central is my company that delivers my internet marketing software and information products.

I draw on my experience and passion for web business to teach and guide others how to build and manage a successful internet enterprise.

I have been married to my lovely wife since 1998 and I have 3 fantastic children.

My passions are family, business, the internet, and all other things geeky and tech.

My online journey began when the internet was still text based (1993) and very few people were online. Back then we had to use 300 to 1200 baud dialup modems to get on the internet. It was crazy times. Not much has changed.

Lynx was the browser of choice at the time with Netscape Navigator just starting to take hold. Coding for the web quickly became a hobby and then a profession, making money through online ventures solely for other people lost it’s luster in 2003 when I began making money online for myself for a change.

I still develop database driven websites for people that throw plenty of money at me, and dabble in the occasional Electrical Engineering (my formal University qualifications) work, but times are changing and my main effort and time is now focused on building online business ventures that don’t require as much hands on work and can run on autopilot (or close enough to it).

I develop software and informational based products to help people in their internet business ventures.

Best wishes to your online ventures.