Script Smart Update v3.02 and Automatic Niche Profits v3.0

I would have made a video for this post, but I’m really sick and can hardly talk, so rather than wait any longer I’ll just write it all down.

Lots of changes afoot with my business at the moment. I’m ramping up to roll out 3 more products in the coming 3 months. I’ve been busy working away in the background. I’ve employed a full time web developer just to keep up and get things out the door.

Adobe AIRFor now I’ll keep it short and let you know that there is new version of Script Smart. Version 3 is live but the website sales letter is still to be updated. The download page let’s you get access to it. This has been rebuilt from the ground up using a new software environment called Adobe AIR which allows Script Smart to now run on Windows and MAC and Linux. How awesome is that!

Ed Dale of 30DayChallenge fame, mentioned offhand that 50% of internet marketers were using MACs now. I know Ed Dale likes his statistics but I think we’d need a bit of proof on that one. I should twitter him.

I’ve released the new version 3 of Script Smart to all the current full license owners and the response has been great.

While I’m talking about version 3 products, that will segway me into another version 3 product. Paul Kleinmeulman’s just released Automatic Niche Profits 3.0

I met Paul back in 2006 at my first World Internet Summit and he coached me through my first version of Script Smart and getting it to market. I also have a joint product with Paul called Affiliate Page Pro. In fact Paul’s affiliate page for Automatic Niche Profits was generated with Affiliate Page Pro.

Paul’s claim to fame has always been his top notch PLR (private label rights) membership. So he’s breaking ground yet again and has come up with a points system to allow you full control over your membership and what you get from it.

I personally don’t use PLR, my online business model is software, and instructional training videos to go along with web applications. But I know that the fastest way to get started on the internet is to use PLR and if I was going to do that I’d go with Paul’s Automatic Niche Profits.

If you do buy ANP3.0 please drop me a comment on this post and let me know good or bad what you think of it. That’s the power of web 2.0, user feedback.

Talk soon

Script Smart Update and Hillbilly Fire Sale

Click the PLAY button on the player to start the video (Length: 2 minutes)

Yes the vista update to Script Smart is coming, I’ve been saying that for ages, but the video explains why.

I’m in a firesale and didn’t even know it. Check out the video for more info, but here’s the direct link to this.

Paul Kleinmeulman’s Hillbilly Firesale

Get there fast it’s only on for four days. Feb 15-19 2008


Script Smart Version 2 is very close (VideoCast)

I’ve just finished my external web development contracts to Education Queensland and BHP and after 4 months of slowly chipping away at Script Smart version 2, it’s nearly ready.

Check out the video cast I’ve done regarding this, just ignore the grainy bit in the middle, I think I need a new digital camera.

I’ve got lots of nice surprises coming your way very soon with the launch of version 2 so I’ll keep you posted.


Script Smart New Release Is Out!

Hi Folks

Well after 2 months of user interaction with my new software, I’ve streamlined it based on their feedback, and I must say, it really has turned into something great.

I’m still not totally happy with the software, but as the developer and one who has a high attention to detail, I like everything to be perfect. Of course in the real world, you can never get anything absolutely perfect, but you can produce the best product you can.

If you’re a direct sales copy [tag]internet marketer[/tag] and ever wanted to get more conversions out of your sales letter then you should check out this software. There is a free 7 day trial for you to really work through the software and see if you love or not.

There are heaps of actually USEFUL [tag]website scripts[/tag] (both javascript and some PHP) in it that will boost your sales profits.

Here is the link to my Internet Marketing Script Toolbox aka