Joel Bauer Reveals Speakers Training Tactics

Check these 2 videos out. I’ve never seen Joel Bauer live but just by watching these 2 videos that I stumbled upon, it’s very clear to see the man is a master at selling from the front of the room. He’s coming out to Australia 17th-20th April and will be speaking with Mal Emery at the ultimate speaking event.

If you’ve seen Joel speak live before, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of his presentation.


Script Smart Update and Hillbilly Fire Sale

Click the PLAY button on the player to start the video (Length: 2 minutes)

Yes the vista update to Script Smart is coming, I’ve been saying that for ages, but the video explains why.

I’m in a firesale and didn’t even know it. Check out the video for more info, but here’s the direct link to this.

Paul Kleinmeulman’s Hillbilly Firesale

Get there fast it’s only on for four days. Feb 15-19 2008


Gary Halbert Videos

I thought I’d take the time to post an entry with the Gary Halbert videos that I’ve found to be interesting on youTube. You can sign up for more if you wish (the signup was down when I tried but the will probably fix it)

I wish I had had the chance to see Gary Live.

These are in better order than they come out in youTube. Enjoy.

Human Engineering

Triple Your Response

Gun-to-the-Head Marketing

The Biggest Mistake

The Biggest Mistake Part 2


Rave Review Ad Copy System

Carbon Copy Letters

CopyWriters Success Trait

Refund Strategy Part 2

You’re My Heroes

How To Use Website Scripts To Increase Your Online Profits (PodCast)

I recorded this podcast in May 2006 when I was ramping up for the Script Smart launch and never got around to using it.

Mike Stewart just blogged about this WordPress Plugin called PodPress which allowed me every so easily to get this podcast into this blog post. Thanks Mike, it is an awesome plugin and can’t wait to try a video feed with it. I highly recommend you get this plugin.

What you will learn in this podcast

– What are website scripts and the different types out there
– Get to know about the infamous tell-a-friend scripts
– Get the low-down on the current status of the ever so popular Popups (no they are not dead!)
– How to simply get your customers attention with personalisation (using their name in your web copy)
– How to automatically limit your supply to get people taking immediate action on your offers
– Become aware of SPAM hijacking with your contact form pages (see Script Smart for more info)
– Some words of wisdom about where to find scripts (like HotScripts and ScriptArchive) and how to use them appropriately

Of course you should check out Script Smart, my internet marketers script toolbox, it’ll save you a lot of time and money when you’re ready to start using decent sales based scripts.

Leave me a comment with what you think about my podcast.